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I like your game very much. Can I get your permission to do a remake of The Citadel in this format? I will be happy to include links to your puzzle script version and your web page in the game credits. Maybe I could call it Fortress?

I'm soon publishing this game as well, a Roguelike game, like Beast, Rodent's Revenge and Sokoban. I know the menu button doesn't work. I'll be refactoring this game in the format of  that above, which scales itself better for different display sizes, in particular small, portrait mode 320px width mobile phones, though there's likely not many of these anymore.

what awesome game! I've played several times

Thanks ReSorocaba! I must admit the W level (the 4th one I think) puts me off playing through it repeatedly. At least in the original Atari version there was a level select :)

Cool game, and I bounced off of Snakebird super hard too, so we have something in common :)

Thanks! Just come back from a week away to see this. I will post my final thoughts on Snakebird in December, so we can compare notes!

very nice ! the level design is great

Thank you! I'm glad you got something out of my 25 year old levels :)